British journalist says he’s still waiting for Shehbaz Sharif to take legal action against him

David Rose was recently found answering someone’s tweet about the president of PML-N.

LONDON: David Rose, a British journalist, took to twitter (largest social media website) this Thursday that he’s waiting anxiously for Shehbaz Sharif (President of Pml-N) to take legal action against him.

David Rose was recently found answering someone’s tweet about the president of PML-N, where he was accused of misinformation and propagation. The Daily Mail journalist has shed some light on rampant corruption by Shahbaz Sharif. He said what people believe isn’t right; the claims made by DFID (Department for International Development) about Shahbaz Sharif were never dismissed.

David Rose mentioned:

“This twit wrongly claims DFID denied my story about Shahbaz. No. It issued a press release consisting of the statement I’d already quoted in my piece, falsely saying it was a rebuttal. Why? The UK High Commissioner was upset we printed his photo toasting the Queen with Shahbaz.”

The British journalist kept up that the Department for International Development rather cited his utterance on the issue, instead of denying it just like the statement he was answering to claimed.

The story by David Rose claimed that Pml-N’s president had embezzled DFID’s funds for 2005 earthquake rehabilitation.

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  • Abdl Sy
    100% correct for sake of allahtallah and pakistan lets all support 100% imran khan to completely change this system at lower level. So this way no PM or leader of this country dare to loot our home. Ameen. Its now or never. Abhee nahee toe kubh.

    Zuburdust video genius honest to good video by mr waqar malick subhanallah jazakallah mr malick may allahtallah reward you for making this true analysis and showing dedhis video clip. We are very lucky we still have honest and patriotic honest people like waqar malick dedhi and journalist moid saheb subhanallah. Its now or never pmln ppp juif etc are evil shaitaan supporting pakistans enemies. Its our home sweet home lets do right honest thing as a musalman lets support 100% imran khan alhumdulliallah lets save our home. Trust allah n make a gooD decision please

    • People like you are the reason we are in the current economic s***storm. All you illiterate “educated” lot, have made this country a laughing stock on a global scale.

  • in england they don’t have their appointed judges and bureaucrats, so they can’t take the chance of fighting the case, these lyers are a shame for us, at some unlucky moment these things were planted on our heads

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