Zeeshan Shah, British Pakistani Entrepreneur, Wins The Asian Business Award

Zeeshan Shah is a self-made entrepreneur, who came to the United Kingdom UK empty-pocketed nine years ago.


Zeeshan Shah, a British Pakistani businessman, and CPIC founding member has been named the ‘International Entrepreneur of the year 2019’ at Asian Business Awards that are held every year.

In the Asian Business Awards, British professional and business heavyweights from China, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan were recognized and awarded for their efforts and success. The most prestigious award was given to British Pakistani serial-entrepreneur and former apprentice star Zeeshan Shah.

Zeeshan Shah is a self-made entrepreneur, who came to the United Kingdom UK empty-pocketed nine years ago. He grew up and Karachi, and now Zeeshan owns a multi-million pounds business, having offices located in Karachi, Gwadar, Dubai, Islamabad, London, and New York. They have more than 400 employees and projects under development, in excess of $500 million USD.

The organizers said that the award of ‘The International Entrepreneur of the Year’ has been gaining popularity in the business world.

“There are only a small number of men and women who can even qualify for this prestigious award. The individual chosen this year has excelled in an exceptionally challenging global business environment and is well known in the business community here at home and abroad. Zeeshan Shah is an international acclaimed CEO and is someone we are deeply honored to recognize on this platform.” – said the host.

While talking about receiving the award, Zeeshan Shah said that it was an honor for him to be recognized for the top award, alongside heavyweights of British Asian business society.

“I came to London nine years ago with £500 in my pocket and it is unbelievable to be standing here today and winning this accolade. As a British-Pakistani representing Pakistan on the highest level of business in British society is an honor for me” – he said.

“Pakistanis are amongst the most intelligent people in the world if we apply our minds positively. I hope my victory as International Entrepreneur of the Year can inspire more Pakistanis to rise to the pinnacle of their chosen fields and understand what potential we have as a nation both in Pakistan and globally.” – Zeeshan continued.

He said that his firm is investing in Gwadar, and this has gained recognition amongst the international stage as more investors are willing to spend money in the ‘gateway’ city.

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