British-Pakistani family faces unresolved issue of racism and maltreatment at UK’s quarantine center

The family includes Mansoona Naeem and her parents Naeem Choudhry and Fardous Kauser, who flew back from Lahore to London on the 1st of May.

The Millennium Gloucester Hotel South Kensington in the United Kingdom, is one of the quarantine centers in London. While the hotel is supposed to be a saving grace for the many people that have traveled to the United Kingdom recently, the news reports another side of the story.

A British-Pakistani family has complained of poor treatment by the staff at Central London’s quarantine center, The Millennium Gloucester Hotel.

The family includes Mansoona Naeem and her parents Naeem Choudhry and Fardous Kauser, who flew back from Lahore to London on the 1st of May.

The family shares that when they arrived in the country, they realized that their hotel was changed at the last minute. Although they live in Manchester, they were shifted to the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, which is around 210 miles away. The family stated that they were told to stay at this center as there were no quarantine centers in Manchester.

Mansoona shared:

We have faced racist comments from a hotel staff member, who dismissed all our complaints, saying that he didn’t want any “complaints coming from Asians.”

A Millennium Hotels and Resorts spokesperson said:

The Millennium Gloucester Hotel London has recently become aware of certain complaints reported online by a Pakistan news agency website that a hotel employee directed racist comments at a British-Pakistani guest quarantining at the hotel.

The spokesperson further stated:

No such complaints have been received from the guest in this regard. Notwithstanding, the hotel has proactively investigated these allegations and finds them to be wholly unsubstantiated and false. All of the allegations regarding this matter are denied by the hotel and the hotel reserves its rights to take any action in response to these allegations that it deems appropriate.

How did the Hotel-quarantine come to be in the UK?

Eleven months after the coronavirus pandemic began, the UK government introduced mandatory hotel quarantine for all arrivals from selected “high-risk” countries on the red list. According to health secretary Matt Hancock, 16 hotels, with a total of 4,600 rooms, have been contracted. Bath Road, which runs parallel to the runway at London Heathrow airport, has been dubbed “Isolation Row”.

The Millennium Gloucester Hotel currently hosts dozens of families from India and Pakistan as both countries are now on the United Kingdom’s red list. The families will have to stay at the hotel for 10 days and 11 nights as that is the current quarantine period for all arrivals into the United Kingdom.

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