Are British Pakistanis running back to Pakistan during COVID-19 pandemic? | Eye-witness tells a story

"Many patients from the Middle East have been coming here for decades for serious operations, like heart surgeries."

British Pakistanis
British Pakistanis running back to Pakistan for medical treatments.

The British-Pakistani writer and TV journalist, Shabana Syed, revealed that many Pakistanis, including her, have become medical tourists and fly out to Pakistan with their illnesses to receive treatment.

Miss Syed said that after researching medical tourism in Pakistan, she found that the country has exceptional, highly experienced doctors and surgeons.

She added, “The country has become a popular destination for heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and at reasonable rates. Meanwhile, a vast diaspora of Pakistanis settled in western countries always resorted back to their home country for medical emergencies.”

Speaking about how patients prefer Pakistan for their treatment, the writer said, “Twenty years ago, who would have thought that the tables would have turned. The flow to the rich medically advanced West would be flowing back.”

Shabana Syed added, “When the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, stated that the country has the potential to become a world-renowned tourist destination, he forgot to mention the fact that it was already becoming a center for medical tourists.”

“Many patients from the Middle East have been coming here for decades for serious operations, like heart surgeries.”

A renowned Pakistani surgeon, Dr. Muhammad Sajjid Sheikh, told the Journalist, “We have many patients from the UK and the US for medical treatment. The medical facilities in their own countries could not resolve, or they were made to wait months in pain for operation.”

Dr. Sheikh said, “Recently, I had two patients, one from Muscat and another from London, who were in a critical state and needed urgent surgery.”

According to research, “Pakistan’s medical tourism industry is considered one of the fastest-growing industries.”

The writer also appreciated the PM’s smart lockdown strategy saying, “Being widely appreciated in the West is Imran Khan’s smart lockdown strategy which advocates a humane balance between lives and livelihood.”

“It is very unfortunate the West has not implemented this balance between ‘lives and livelihood.’ In the UK, for example, the continual fear mongering and lockdowns have not brought down the cases of Covid-19.

Instead, they have increased the numbers, besides bringing an economic nightmare of job losses, poverty, and a ‘tsunami’ of pending health concerns.”

Originally Published by The Express Tribune

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