British publication accuses Pakistan of covering-up polio cases ”on orders of Babar bin Atta”

It also says that the government is planning to covert a secret vaccination programme to contain the disease.


A known British publication, The Guardian, has accused Pakistani officials of covering-up polio cases in front of the world. It also says that Pakistan was planning to covert a secret vaccination programme to contain the disease.

According to the publication, an outbreak of the P2 strain of the virus was allegedly kept hidden from the government as well the international donors on ”orders of Babar bin Atta”. Babar was previously serving as Prime Minister’s focal person for polio and resigned last month.

“In order to hide their negligence and their poor performance, Babar Bin Atta decided not to disclose the cases to anyone,” the publication said, claiming that Atta purposefully kept the cases hidden to cover-up for his failures.

“Somewhere, somebody has inaccurately used this vaccine and because of this negligence this virus was brought back into the environment and our children are again getting infected with P2,” The Guardian said, quoting an unnamed source from within the health department.

The re-emergence of P2 would not only be a dramatic step back in Pakistan’s fight against polio, but it would also be symptomatic of what those in the program have described as “terrible mismanagement” under Bin Atta.

Polio exists in three different strands: P1, P2, and P3. Among them, P2 is the most notorious one. Pakistan has recently seen an uncontrollable outbreak, rising global concerns.

Pakistan denies:

State Minister of Health of Pakistan, Dr. Zafar Mirza, however, has denied the allegations saying that there has been absolutely no cover-up.

”Absolutely no coverup. Sabin-like type 2 derived virus outbreak in Pakistan is vigilantly being monitored & appropriately responded. Such outbreaks are being reported from countries even after Polio eradication e.g. Nigeria, China, Indonesia, Congo,” Mirza said. 

”Before we proceeded there was a need for a full genomic sequencing to determine the cause of the virus. The situation is under control. The first response already generated and the full-fledged campaign will start on 11th Nov,” he continued. 

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