BRT Peshawar: PTI admits its incompetence

Shehzad Arbab, Prime Minister’s advisor on the establishment, accepted that they’ve made mistakes in BRT

Shehzad Arbab, Prime Minister’s advisor on the establishment, has recently stated that BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was more like an initial experiment of the government.

He reckoned with the fact that they’ve made mistakes in BRT and his plan wasn’t as good as it needed to be, but once the project gets completed and operational, it would greatly benefit people in the province, he said.

While addressing media officials in a press conference in Peshawar, Muhammad Shehzad Arbab, Advisor to Prime Minister, said that BRT would be completed in a few months. He further added that he couldn’t give a completion date for the project, but he assured that it would be something very beneficial for the public.

Moreover, he assured people that he wasn’t briefing them on the grounds of ongoing politics or because the PM said so. Peshawar is the hometown of Shehzad Arbab, and he would continue to help build it, he mentioned.

Additionally, he revealed that as per the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, they’re working towards controlling the budget and soon people would get relief from the issue of growing prices as well.
According to him, utility stores will now be digitalized beginning from December 27th with an estimated cost of PKR 6 billion. Whereas, PKR 180 billion has been added to Ehsas Programme for masses in the province.

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  • Who are they kidding? Design flaws, massive cost over-runs,low quality construction and a badly flawed procurement process. Every person involved in the whole episode of bungling needs to be made an example of. But then again thats not going to happen.

  • The total plan z wrong it should not be built here on University road cuz that road is already narrow and it is the only busy road one thing , it should be plan on the ring road and all around or they can plan it on Old Railway path it’s the blunder . The other thing and their negligence in planning that if they planned it on The same University road then why they not built all BRT upside cuz where they come down on few places there nowadays stuck traffic and people suffering problems alot its the another big mistake … Who planned even they couldn’t copy the same from Islamabad So now it’s a Big gift for Peshawar people to face all through put the life I think they should be panalize and make the recoveries and built it Again that places upside where the road comes down sides on few places atleast …. So Sad

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