VIDEO: #BoycottARYDigital trends after “Bulbulay” makes insensitive jokes about Pashtuns

People demand an end to stereotyping via screen!

Joking has its limits. We cannot insult someone and then claim to be joking when we realize the damage caused, but sadly many people in Pakistan do not understand this. 

Recently, a long-running comedy-drama ‘Bulbulay’ has insulted Pashtuns because of an insensitive joke.

During a recent episode, Bulbulay’s characters made fun of a Pashtun person, hinting that he could only be expected to come with a packet of naswar or a bomb. This angered many people as they took it as contributing to the negative bias against the Pashtun people in Pakistan.

Pashtuns took to Twitter to voice their opinion and express outrage. #BoyCottAryDigital was trending on the platform as many other Pakistanis criticized the channel for furthering bias against the Pashtun people.

People have condemned ARY digital for stereotyping Pashtuns, and many also shared their own negative experiences associated with the channel. 

People are demanding ARY Digital to publically apologize for hurting sentiments of the Pashtun people. So far, the channel hasn’t responded to the controversy.

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  • I am also a Pukhtun, but I think we should be a little tolerant, it is not a good way to portray but come on guys why making it an issues which get out of control.


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