Bullying an autistic kid? Pakistani Twitter hits a new low!

As soon as the screenshots of the group chat went viral, people went furious!

Quaid-e-Azam built the foundation of Pakistan on the principle of unity. However, some incidents lead us to doubt the existence of humanity in this society, let alone unity. The internet has recently witnessed another such event, which left people shocked.

A bunch of kids stooped to a new low by going out of their way to bully a mildly autistic kid named Mohid. The kids made an Instagram group chat and added Mohid. They constantly bullied Mohid by saying the vilest and disgusting things about him, making fun of his disabilities, and torturing him with offensive comments.

Mohid left the group chat, repeatedly, to rid himself of the nasty comments. However, someone would keep adding him to chat again and again, so that they could bully the poor kid without fail.

As soon as the screenshots of the group chat went viral, people went furious:

Some wanted the trolls to be held accountable and punished:

While some just worried about the toxicity surrounding social media:

People started calling out the wicked kids:

The kids apologized, but no one was ready to buy their half-hearted apology:

Some even shared how people needed to wake up because any form of bullying is not justified:


All of this is evidence that we live in a hypocritical and deceitful society that is barely inclusive of the people having special needs. However, we love to fake it and raise our voice against discrimination and injustice taking place worldwide. All of this brings us face to face with the evil that is eroding our society. It is high time we look at our shortcomings and deal with them before we start criticizing the rest of the world.

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