Femmephobia in Pakistan: How bullying forced a bright Edwardes College student to become a dancer

Our toxic behavior towards the trans community has compelled Ayan into becoming what he is today.


Effeminates are living in the extreme margins of Pakistani society and are facing severe forms of social exclusion. The word transgender or socially known as “Hijra” itself is considered a derogatory word.

The social response towards effeminates in the country is also discriminatory and prejudiced in general.

Another story of Femmephobia and Transphobia in Pakistan

Dolphin Ayan was bullied relentlessly all his student life for being effeminate (female-like). People used to call him inappropriate names and bullied him endlessly. 

Ayan received a degree in Civil engineering and completed a four-month internship in Cyprus. He was a topper of his college, but could not find any respectable status in the society.

After being completely dejected, Ayan accepted himself as a transgender because this was the identity imposed on him from childhood. He has put aside all his education and degrees and has become a professional dancer like other effeminates of our society.

Our toxic behavior towards the trans community has compelled Ayan into becoming what he is today.




”I hate being called Hijra”

In a recent interview, Ayan said that he hated being called names. He said that is only people stop labelling him, he will quit what he is doing right now and go back to his profession.

”I hate being called Hijra. If only people stop calling me that, I will leave this and go back to college”, Ayan said in an interview.

”No one was ever able to remove that label from themselves. An international transgender Rimal Ali got himself operated, but was still called a ‘shemale”, he said.

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  • being a muslim v shd help in out n move forward towards his goal..stop dancing..Allah is with u..i pray for ur success un engineering..dont bother wht ppl says or mocks at u taunts u bully u…SUMMUM BUKMUM UMYUM… my dear son stop dancing n continue with ur studies.. duas with u …muslims of pakistan shd grow up nw… shame on those who make fun of such ppl the one who created u created HIM also…so dnt make fun of Allah creation

  • Who ever those people are going to get subject harshly at judgement day…….
    There they are gonna get there certificate for being bastard’s……

    Karma will be served
    Hope they like the taste of their doing

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