”Unless Bureaucracy, politics, and media are freed from mafia, progress is not possible”, says PM Khan

He reassured his commitment towards making Pakistan a symbolic welfare state.


‘Mandela remained in jail for 27 years but he pardoned all to save the country from the bloodbath and the world would respect him forever’.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he wants Pakistan to progress on lines of an Islamic Welfare State, following the principles of Madina. He continued that he might not be able to witness his dream coming true in his lifetime, but the journey to achieve it has been started already.

He reassured his commitment towards making Pakistan a symbolic welfare state, implementing effective social and educational reforms to revive the lost glory of Islam.

While addressing the Rehmatullil Alameen Conference on State of Madina and Concept of Islamic Welfare State following the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), PM Khan said that creating a model state following in the footsteps of Madina will, of course, be a challenging task and every section of the society, including the religious scholars, will have to play their role.

Minister for Religious Affairs Pir Nurul Haq Qadri, Dr. Babar Awan, renowned religious scholars from across the country and abroad were also present at the conference. PM Khan said that the same principles allowed the Holy Prophet (PBUH)’s companions to conquer the Roman Empire in the shortest span.

PM said that educational reforms are mandatory like Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) enforced an education emergency in the state, which resulted in the grooming of top scientists for the next 700 years.

No compensation for the plunderers:

PM Khan said that the current education system has not incorporated these inspiring models, and his government will redirection education for the youth. He said that we have only limited these teachings to Friday sermons, while to progress, they need a place in our curriculum and require to be researched upon to be better understood.

PM said that anyone who has been indulged in unfair means of money-making could never excel in life.

“We have to collectively fight out the corrupt elements in the politics, media, and bureaucracy, who had put the country on the verge of bankruptcy making the people suffer”.

He said that no compensation will be given to the plunderers who have looted national wealth as in the past, National Reconciliation Ordinance (NROs) to the wealthy corrupt elite has left the country incapacitated.

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