‘Burning of crops in India is causing air pollution’, states NASA report

Punjab government is taking extra precautionary measures and factories that are producing air pollution are being temporarily shut down.


According to a recent report by NASA, the present state of Lahore was a result of the smoke being produced by the burning of crops in India. Provincial Minister for Finance Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht shared it while quoting NASA report.

NASA report revealed that ‘smoke produced by burning of crops’ residues in India deteriorated air quality in Lahore.’ While presiding over a review meeting of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), the minister said that a monitoring committee compromising of different stakeholders has been constituted to address the issue of smog.

The committee will be responsible for ensuring the necessary steps to curb the environmental crisis. It will also work on sketching out a road map about how air pollution can be controlled with concrete efforts, necessary reforms and legislation.

The minister further added that the change in the air direction is due to the addition of smog in Lahore’s air. If nothing is urgently done to change the situation, it is likely that the residents of the city will experience smog in the fog season.

He added that for this regard, Punjab government is taking extra precautionary measures and factories that are producing air pollution, and brick kilns that are operating on outdated, obsolete technologies are being temporarily shut down.

Smog chokes Lahore:

The majority of the people in the city of 11 million are suffering from headaches and burning eyes and throats as the aftermath. The toxic air quality can be the contributing cause of bronchial infections, heart problems, asthma, and lung damage.

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