Bushra Ansari asks Maulana Tariq Jamil to hold a protest and break his silence on the motorway case

Taking it to social media, the actress expressed how upset she was over the entire incident. She went on to say that she 'has had enough'.


Famous actress Bushra Ansari has urged the renowned religious cleric Maulana Tariq Jamil to break his silence over the motorway gang rape case and hold a protest in this regard.

Taking it to social media, the actress expressed how upset she was over the entire incident. She went on to say that she ‘has had enough’.

“Islam bohat (batain) kartay hain tou practical banaen. Aankh ke badlay aankh, tou izaat ke badlay zilat?”, she said. She added that Maulana Tariq Jamil is badly needed right now and he should speak up.

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Thinking wat to ask n what to think..just want the rapist to be alive..not to be hanged..they should live the rest of their lives , with the pain n helplessness with broken legs broken arms and with out the organs which destroy women and their souls..They should be alive to witness the hatred and pain of dying everyday like the rape victims and acid burnet women..like those parents who die every nite n every day..after their innocent boys n baby girls are brutal death..I demand and strongly demand to.cut and throw their sickness tools …and make them.impotent..n break their legs n hands so that they just become a symbol for all others who are going to do this today tomorrow or day after.Because they will keep doing this until they don't see these results.PHANSI IS JUST A FEW MINUTES PUNISHMENT.BUT THEY SHUOLD BE A REAL "IBRAT" KA NISHAN..BUSSS BIHAT HOGAYA…BUSSSSSSS…Islam ki boat karty hain to practical banain.aankh k badly ankh.. to izzat or zillat k badly zillat…pl maulana Tariq Jameel.koi dharna koi ehtejaj ap bhi to Karen…ap ki yahan bohat zuroorat hay..boliayyyyy…please..

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Ansari said that the people who are protecting these rapists should also be punished for doing so.

The motorway case

Motorway rape case has shaken the entire nation, initiating a wave of protests across the country. A woman was dragged out of her car and gang-raped in front of her children. If that wasn’t enough, CCPO Lahore’s biased statements, in which he blamed the victim, added fuel to the fire. People from all across the nation poured in to support her and raised their voice for justice.

People, activists, and celebrities have urged the government to take strict action against such criminals and protect women.

As of now, the police have identified one criminal as the main culprit. The suspect, Abid Ali, is the resident of Haroonabad town of Punjab’s Bahawalnagar district.

The people also are urging religious scholars to step forward and raise awareness about the issue. They want them to play their role and address the state of women’s rights in society.

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  • قوم کو بشری انصاری کی فضول ڈرامہ بازی سے کب اور کیسے نجات ملے گی؟
    طارق جمیل کیوں بشری کی اس در فنطنی پر کا ن دھریں گے، وہ اصولی طور احتجاجی سیاست یا تبلیغ نہیں کرتے ہیں اور نہ ہی فرد کو تارگٹ بنا کر بات کرتے ہیں ۔ نہ ہی وہ فقہی مسائل پر خاص رائے دیتے ہیں ۔برے سے برے انسان کے سدھار کی دعا کرتے ہیں ۔ ظارق جمیل زنا اور بد اخلاقی سے بچنے کی عمومی تلقین کرتے رہتے ہین ، معاشرتی انتشار کی بات کرتے ہیں اور اب بھی وہی کریں گے ، کوئی اصلاح پکڑے یا نہ ، وہ اسکا فعل۔۔ ،بہتر ہو کہ خود بشری صاحبہ جلسہ جلوس کر کے اس موقع پر اپنے نمبر ٹانک لیں ۔

  • It’s stupid dragging Moulana into the scene. Where he has ever supported criminals in any case. He is already doing his job and that is preaching Islam to the ppl. He already asking ppl to seek forgiveness from Allah SWT and become a practicing Muslim.

  • Mam bushra wo alma deen hain wo jo bolen gay ap aur hm log wo nae kr skty is liye chup rahen and rapist ko pakren saza dain unho na nae bola k imran khan ko vote do unho na nae bola han wo is par shayad kuch bolen par is mamly ki tardeed sakht ha ap unsy jawab nae apny film industry k logo sa protest ka bolen…. Please dont mind my words its bitter reality

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