World’s Largest Electric Vehicle Manufacturer BYD is now coming to Pakistan!

The automobile zone of the country is currently ruled by Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki (three Japanese companies).


World’s largest electric automobile manufacturer and the Chinese multinational organization, BYD, has finally decided to come to our very own country, Pakistan.

Shaukat Qureshi, general secretary of PEVPMTA (Pakistan Electric Vehicles and Parts Manufacturers & Traders Association) recently announced this amazing development while addressing the press.

He said, “Toyota, the world auto giant, for the first time signed an agreement on November 7, 2019, to develop Electric Vehicles with BYD, the world’s largest electric vehicles manufacturer, with 44 plants around the globe employing 250,000 personals, with a turnover of $250 billion.”

He further added, “Scenario will definitely change in Pakistan as well, with the Japanese companies roll out their models by 2024.”

As stated by PEVPMTA’s general secretary, the automobile market of Pakistan is mostly dominated by Japan, and its brands; even though, Japan hasn’t come up with an alternative to electronic technology as yet. The automobile zone of the country is currently ruled by Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki (three Japanese companies).

On the other hand, Malik Amin Aslam, Prime Minister’s Advisor on Climate Change, mentioned that import bill worth $2 billion would be annually reduced by using electric cars. He additionally said that EY 2019 Policy is the best thing our government has introduced this year.

It is something that will not just provide inexpensive transport to people but will also decrease carbon emission as well as the oil import bill of the country.
According to Malik Amin Aslam, SROs would be issued by the government of Pakistan in regard to the EV Policy at the earliest possible so that the process of introducing electric vehicles can be commenced.


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  • It is indeed a welcome news
    How soon are the relative SROs expected
    The earlier we start in this regard the better it will be for us as well

  • Its a good news for every pakistani but i think it will take a lot of years to start working on it.engine run vehicles owners will not let to begin it soon.

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