CAA Employee Confessed ‘Abusing’ Pakistan Caught On Video – Watch It Here

Pakistanis and airlines have unfortunately become an endless hate affair. The passengers have major and in fact, justified concerns with the service provider and how the staff deals them. They have also videotaped the encounters and offensive attitude that the staff has towards them. Though many videos of such nature often surface the internet, this particular one is surely one of its kind as by no means it has any justification.

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The incident happened between Civil Aviation Authority employee and local passengers outside immigration queue. The locals were furious that the staff was entertaining the foreign passengers as a priority and they were facing the delay.

The argument caught heat as one of the employees and passengers had a direct encounter. As the passengers were already frustrated by the delay, they started questing that why foreigners are being entertained first while the local passengers are being made to wait. The employee is seen dealing very rudely and in fact, misbehaving with the people. Amidst the fight, some people started videotaping the incident. In the video, it can be clearly heard that the CAA employee is trying to convey his point, but his way of doing that is quite disrespectful that further provoked the people.

The video shows a passenger blaming the employee for abusing Pakistan and he says ‘mainay gali di tu kya kar lay ga’, that further increases the intensity of the argument with people reacting even more aggressively.

Watch the video here:


He might have said it in the heat of the moment, but the way he is dealing and talking with the passengers is completely unacceptable. Rather than addressing people’s concerns, the CAA employee charging on them, raising voice and rather making personal attacks shows that a lot needs to be changed in these departments especially to ensure discipline.

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