Cabinet of Imran Khan and his honesty – Rauf Klasra’s analysis.

  • Senior analyst Rauf Klasra talks about the cabinet members of Imran Khan and his honesty. 
  • He says Imran Khan is not doing us any favor if he’s honest. 
  • His cabinet constitutes of frauds and NAB accused members 
Rauf Klasra’s analysis on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet

Rauf Klasra’s critical analysis on Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet

Rauf Klasra was recently talking to Kamran Shahid in his program. While talking about the honesty of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Mr. Klasra says that you’re not doing us any favor, being honest was the requirement of being where you are.

Talking about Imran Khan’s cabinet.

“What is the use of Imran Khan’s honesty when his cabinet members are under NAB cases. Will you hire a servant for your house if you know he was involved in corruption? Will you let him pick and drop your children from school?”

Klasra has clearly said there are corrupt people in the cabinet of Imran Khan but we keep listening to the argument of his honesty.

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Appointment of the cabinet members:

Talking about the portfolios of the ministers, Klasra says that Imran Khan had claimed a “right man for the right job” appointments. I do not see anyone being appointed at the right place in this cabinet. He asks for the names of 5 people who were falling under “right man for the right job”.

Speaking from the experience of 20-22 years, Imran Khan has placed a wrong person at every right position, I can bring the list of names in the next program – Kalsra

This is what Imran Khan should have done; according to Rauf Klasra:

“Right after the general election of 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan should have clearly told the nation that he doesn’t have the simple majority. He won’t be able to have a strong govt and the finest cabinet and he should have stepped back from trying to form the Govt”

He also badly criticized the argument of PTI where they claim of not knowing the crisis before coming into power. Klasra terms it with the highest level of incompetence that PTI didn’t know about the crisis.


While Klasra may be right on certain points, he has also “overdone” a few points like “PTI shouldn’t have formed the Govt”. The majority of the NA seats were with PTI and they needed to respect the people’s decision.

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