Cafe Liquiteria Used Mahira Khan Controversy For Publicity And People Aren’t Very Happy With It

Just when we were ‘’almost’’over Mahira Khan controversy, Cafe Liquiteria drove us back to her!
Recent days have been quite tough for Pakistani heartthrob after she was spotted sharing a cigarette with Ranbir Kapoor.

The pictures became a topic of discussion on both sides of the border, with strong statements in her support and criticism.

Well Cafe Liqueteria had it all covered up for Mahira. Cigarette? What Cigarette? She was just enjoying a monster shake!

Cafe smartly picked the news that had already set the entire  social media community on fire and turned it into a publicity tool for their cafe.

Like, its not the first time it has happened. Brands have been doing that for a while now, using current events to promote their products. Remember calibri? Someone?

But things didn’t go as planned. Except few people, nobody found it entertaining, and instead the cafe came under hot debate on manipulating the situation and using a woman as a publicity symbol.

There are people who are defending that they used a public figure in their marketing, and its cafe’s choice how to do it and which marketing strategy to implement.

Also, no doubt, 10/10 for creativity.

But not everyone enjoyed this. Some found it very offensive, saying not every news that causes an outrage should be utilized for personal gains. Some also regarded this marketing tactic as ‘cheap’.

After getting a critical response, the post was removed by the Cafe’s official facebook page.

What are your opinions on this? Was this only another marketing tactic similar to what we have witnessed in the past, or was it insensitive of Cafe Liquiteria to make use of the whole situation especially when Mahira was labelled and character assasinated over the event?

Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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