#CallOffBoardExams trends on Twitter as the final decision about annual exams is to be announced tomorrow

Board Exams for Matric and Intermediate were postponed due to COVID-19 lockdown.

As the day of the final announcement of decision regarding board exams in Pakistan nears, students take over Twitter with hashtag #CallOffBoardExams. Students have previously protested against online classes as well, as they have paid the full fees already and in some remote areas, internet facilities are still absent.

As uncertainty prevails related to the COVID-19 lockdown in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission (HEC) previously asked universities to switch to alternate methods. The education authority directed to either opt for online classes or abandon the semester.

A number of schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) have already started online courses, despite the government declaring advance summer vacations until the 31st of May. However, this step has widely been criticized as it is being seen as a move to justify fee collection while the education institutes are closed.

HEC issued a detailed report on the subject, penning down necessary instructions for educational institutes. 

“If lockdown restrictions are lifted by early June, universities can return to business as usual. But if there are further delays, there will be no choice except either to switch to online education or to abandon the semester,” HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Banuri said.


Reason why should we cancel board exams. There are many students in villages who were studying in cities and lived in hostels. How will they be able to appear in exams if there is no means of transport? Please think about the future of the students. #CallOffBoardExams”, a Twitter user wrote. 

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  • As Salam Aliakum,

    Ramadan Mubarak. Kinda off topic but I just wanted to say, personally, I support PTM coz PK Gov is killing dissidents nationally and internationally. They r also killing innocent women, men and children. They r supporting terrorism on the contrary PTM wants peace and are voicing the voiceless and the victims families.

  • I am living in 2 marlas house and also 7 to 8 persons lived in this house full of day and night due to lockdown. So it is very difficult for me to gain good marks in 2020 board exams. Also you know that the suitation has reached an alarming stage. All the transport services have closed so i hope you would look into this matter without further delaying and take suitable decisions

  • Its our request to muraad sir and other members of ibcc that kindly cancel our board exams. We can’t prepare them well at homes. Also if they will conduct it then how will the students of villages will be able to attend them.We respect your opinion but kindly inform us clearly so we can make our minds at peace. Students should be promoted on the basis of their previous marks. The countries like Scotland,Finland etc have first time cancelled their papers in the history just for the sake of health of children. It’s so disappointing that decision about us is not displayed yet while the O and A levels systems have clearly informed their students. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge and health for the sake of health. So kindly consider our points too

  • I request the authorties to open the medical insitutes with SOPs where the number of studients are low in number or to conduct the classes of medical insitutes online

  • please cancel board exams and don’t play with students life because they are the future of pakistan

  • Online classes is a joke.And this joke is played by every teacher.Because those students who already poor ,so who can they carry there education in online.our teachers sending materials without any understanding. Online classes is just a time pass system where teachers and students going well to pass their semester. I am a university student and this semester is my last or final semester, so final semester is very important but during this situation, I mean online classes can’t help me in my study.Every students said their teacher please stop online classes but teachers said authorities decision is the last decision. In every institution students playing a major role to carry there institutions but this type of learning was not fair for all students. I request to all authorities please stop online learning game and safe students future.

  • Being a student from remote area I urge govt of Pakistan to take decision keeping in view that,how would our final decision regarding board papers would effect the students from backward areas.If govt decides to conduct papers then it must think about our tansportation problem,our residency problem(hostels are closed),our food problems,our social distancing,our local transportation from hostels to examination centres and many other problems.The number of students from backward area is not small there are tens of thousands of such students from my area#Gilgit.Despite the fact that if these problems are solved then the risk of noval Corona is still on its peak.
    In my openion the government of Pakistan must delay the papers to an undefined time or it should adopt a new method of grading on previous results.

  • Please cancel our exam. Because the condition is so critical and nobody can able to study

  • We just want the gov to take the decision as soon as possible b/c we are so much confused and are not able to study properly?

  • What those students do who are effect with this virus .They waste whole year if exam happened

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