Campaign against tinted glasses launched by Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP)

''Despite the wish of a few people to guide their privacy, public safety should still is be a priority''.


SSP Traffic stated that no traffic violation will be ignored anymore! He informed that ITP has commenced a mega campaign against tinted glasses across the city. According to the officials, during the campaign, many vehicles have been inspected and ticketed accordingly.

Farrukh Rashid, the SSP traffic, tweeted that despite the wish of a few people to guide their privacy, public safety should still be a priority. He added,

“Drivers who cannot properly see out of the windscreens or through the rearview mirrors are a danger to themselves, their passengers and every other road-user.”

He also said that heavy tints are an obstruction for police and rescue workers while identifying suspects of criminal cases or victims from accidents. He further stated that other drivers are also intimidated by a fully blacked-out car.

According to him eliminating the use of illegal window tints in a city with busy traffic is a priority and no excuse is valid.

He argued, “If glare is a problem, wear sunglasses. If privacy is a concern, dress more modestly. If the car is hot after being parked in the sun, then crank up the air-conditioning. Tinted glasses/black papers are not allowed even 1%.”

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