Can Nehal Hashmi’s Verdict Be Regarded As A Message To Others? – See Details, Reactions Here

Supreme Court of Pakistan has sentenced Senator Nehal Hashmi to one month jail time while rejecting his unconditional apology. The three-judge bench headed by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa announced verdict is this contempt of court case which held Nehal Hashmi accountable for delivering hate speech against the judges. Along with the jail sentence, he has also been ordered to pay RPS 50,000 as fine as well. Along with that, the PMLN senator has also been barred from holding any public office for the next five years.

The chief justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar commented that the verdict is according to the law. This particular comment was made by CJP during another hearing today. Kamran Murtaza, Abdul Ghafoor Lehri’s lawyer, was summoned by Apex Court today when he said that he could not present his arguments as he was, disturbed by Hashmi’s punishment Chief Justice then told the court that the verdict announced is in accordance with the law and asked Murtaza to proceed with his arguments. Hashmi delivered a heated and inappropriate speech at a private function, threatening to make the lives of those miserable who have held Nawaz Shareef accountable.

The court took suo motu notice of his speech, while his party suspended his membership, asking for the resignation from the Senate. Hashmi retracted his resignation few days after submitting it to the Senate chairman that was seen as an act that violated party discipline leading to expelling him.The Supreme Court overseeing Panama JIT proceedings expressed dissatisfaction over Nehal Hashmi’s reply to the show- cause notice issued to him. The three judge’s bench concluded that senator had no regret or remorse for delivering the hate speech. Later, Hashmi offered an unqualified and unconditional apology that was rejected by Apex court.
People have shown congratulatory sentiments and the verdict is definitely monumental, which can be seen as a message to the rest. Here is what people have to say:

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