How Can Sri Devi Die From Drowning In A Bath Tub? The Recent Forensic Report Stirs A New Controversy

The stunning and elegant first Indian female superstar Sri Devi’s death has created an internet frenzy. Passing away just a few days after being seen acing the public eye, the veteran actor’s death shock and saddened her fans across the globe.But what has really upset the social media community and her fan base is the controversies associated with her death. Initially, the cause of death was disclosed to be cardiac arrest but in a new doubtful and controversial turn in the story, the new reports claim that the cause of death is ‘accidental’ drowning in a bathtub.

It has certainly confused many, as to how a fully grown adult can drown in a bathtub? And what exactly can be the cause of drowning, except drinking too much? And if that is the case, why was she left alone in such a vulnerable position especially when it was evident how she is at risk of damage?
Another thing that has put the media and public in doubt is that why she was alone there, without her husband Boney Kapoor who decided to leave on 24th February. Boney found about Sri Devi’s death at 7 but informed police at 9, what caused the delay of two hours?
The other thing that gives a rather controversial vibe to her death is that during her all alone two days stay in Dubai, she didn’t leave her hotel, not even once.

All the information gives it the essence that there is clearly more to it than what is being disclosed. Indian media has come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories as well and are pointing out these trivial yet significant details, which is causing a reaction from social media community as well.
Here are some of the examples:

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