Here Is How You Can Talk To Your Kid About Sexual Abuse At An Early Age

The series of recent events have definitely highlighted the need of educating the children about sexual abuse. The issue that had been treated as a tabooed topic but now the increase in these incidents shows that it needs our concentration.
The kids under 12 lie in the vulnerable range, but among them, they are most likely to be the victim when they turn 4. This reflects that we need to aware them of it and need to be comfortable with discussing it at such an early age.

According to a study published in TIME magazine, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are likely to be the victim or have been molested at least once by the time they turn 18. The chances of being the victim if your child has a disability are 2.8% more versus the normal.

Among these, 85% of the victims know their assaulters. This here is the most crucial and at the same time horrifying. The assault is likely to come from a close relative or someone that you trust to be around your kid.
To save your child from falling the prey to their thirst, it is important to develop the bond of trust and understanding with them. Talking to your little one about sexual abuse will of course not be the most comfortable task in the world, but it is important to step out of your comfort and not delay another day.

Here are some of the important things you need to start telling your child when they start developing an understanding of the world:


Know And Plan

Don’t be hesitant to put in a little effort and plan prior to the discussion. Properly plan what you want to talk about. Do a little research and try to dive into your child’s thinking pattern. Planning prior to it and educating yourself before educating your kid will aid you to identify what exactly you want to talk about. It is advisable to break your talk in little sessions. This will help the child grasp and understand better.

Educate Them About The Body

Have a talk about private parts and educate them that they should not let anyone touch them. This step of the education can be a little hard and if you find yourself hesitant about comfortably talking about it, take help from videos. Kids are more likely to remember things presented to them visually. There are hundreds of videos present on the internet that are carefully designed to convey the point effectively. Before showing them, make sure to watch it yourself first and see the content. Here is one of the examples:



Importance Of Trust And Observation:

Let your child know that you trust them. Especially while talking about this sensitive topic, assure them that you are on their side and they are your priority. If they act uncomfortable around someone, take notes and see what’s bothering them. If you see any sudden change in their behavior, initiate talk and don’t wait for them. They might be secretly longing for help but failing to find the words.

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