From truck hotel to a Qawali event – Canadian biker explores and enjoys Pakistan’s hospitality

With the quality food, one thing Pakistan is known for is its hospitality and how the people here treat their guests. Making it a memorable experience for them always on this soil, the guests, particularly social media influencers have been very vocal about their positive experiences and spoke how their treatment here lead to them breaking stereotypical image of the country.

Falling prey to Western mainstream media propaganda, our country held the image of conservatism and being terrorism plagued, hence it rose the security concerns for foreign visitors wanting to explore the country. However, this negative profiling and attempts to isolate Pakistan went to waste when the social media and particularly YouTube community decided to see the country for themselves.

After having a practical experience here, all of them left satisfied and called the media out on the negative image building. It has been due to their efforts that Pakistan has gained a lot of attention during the recent years, with even Forbes suggesting it as one of the ‘coolest’ places to visit in 2019.


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Among those influencers is Canadian solo biker Rosie Gabrielle. She is known for her adventurous voyages all across the world. She has spent her recent days in Pakistan and has been absolutely touched by the hospitality and love of the people.

Posting a picture with a Pakistani woman, she thanked the people for the love she is receiving.

”HOSPITALITY in PAKISTAN Is by far the most gracious care I have ever received. And it was explained to me by this Aunty that I met on the street.  She kindly insisted that I try the food and to join her and her granddaughter for dinner. The food was a gift she said. That I was a guest in her country and it was her honour and duty to show me grace and love” – she wrote. 

She was recently seen roaming around and enjoying horseback riding and was treated with love and hospitality as well.

The great Canadian woman motorcyclist Ms Rosie Gabrielle along with Mr Adeel, travelling around the world on motorbike visited and experience the horseback. It was really an honour to have them at our club today.” – wrote the Gallop Club.

Among the traditional and cultural values Pakistanis take pride in, hospitality and treating guests with utmost dignity stands on number one. It is pleasant to see how the perception of foreign visitors is changing due to the love they receive here.

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