Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Extends His ‘Best Wishes’ To Muslims On The Occasion Of Hajj & Eid

The current prime minister of Canada and leader of Liberal Party Justin Trudeau is a very likable and followed figure worldwide. In an atmosphere where hate crimes, social marginalization and racial discrimination is strengthening its roots all around the globe, Justin has always preached harmony, peace and acceptability through his conduct.

He has made an effort to make every segment of Canadian society feel equally important and he has successfully done that.
Seen as an ideal example of embracing cultural diversity and religious differences, Justin has made a significant effort towards making Canada a tolerant nation.

The 45-year-old is exceptionally popular among the Muslim community because he has shown his gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgment to the people belonging to Isam when the entire world labels them calling ‘terrorists’.

Similarly, he spoke out to the members of the Muslim community, extending his warm wishes on the event of Hajj and Eid Ul Adha.


Justin in his video message, he sent heartfelt wishes to the Canadian Muslims who are celebrating Hajj and Eid.
He said that it is an occasion, where we collectively as a society thank for the blessings we have.
Justin, as always said that Canada is an example for rest of the world. He commented that the diversity is Canada’s strength, not weakness.
He is of opinion that the more tolerant and absorbent Canada is towards differences, the more strong it will be.

People have always replied to Justin’s love with love. His wishes are always responded with equal appreciation.



Justin’s acknowledgment of Muslims as a ‘thriving’ community and an important constituent of Canadian society has taught the entire world that how mutual understanding and cultural harmony can contribute to a successful society.
Undoubtedly, his values of empathy, appreciation, acknowledgment, and respect are an example to follow for rest of the world.

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