Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabrielle shares her beautiful experience with a Baloch family

  • Rosie Gabrielle visits a Baloch family and shared her journey on her social media pages.
  • She admires the hospitality she gets during her visit to Pakistan calling the country “amazing and safe”.
  • The Canadian vlogger is on her solo two-wheeled drive and visited many countries around the world.


Canadian vlogger visits the Pakistani Baloch family and praises the generous reception she received there.

“So I’ve made it finally to Persana’s home again. It is so nice to see her again. I can’t wait just to spend the evening with her and I bought a special SIM card so I can get a translation, I’ve served up here. I’m going to have a translation and going to have a really really awesome night. I can’t wait anymore. Persana hand makes all of these traditional Baloch dresses and they’re amazing”, she said.

She also spent time with native children and also wore those beautiful Baloch dresses. The smile on her face is representing the hospitality and warm welcome that she gets from the inhabitants of this Baloch family. Here you go for the picture of Rosie wearing traditional Pakistani shawl that has been designed beautifully.


“We’re going to sleep here tonight together, getting all cozy in her room. I get a local shower experience here. Persana has boiled some water for me. She’s putting the parade in my hair. This one she gifted me when I visited her last time”, she further said while exploring her visit to Persana’s home.


“I want to support her family”, she says about the family of Persana. Despite hailing from the poor socio-economic standing, Persana’s family has welcomed her yet again in the house, served her with food and also allowed her to stay overnight in the house.

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What is the most important gift according to Gabrielle?

The most important gift we can give to someone is our unfiltered, pure, unconditional, and genuine love. Isn’t that what we all want? To be accepted worthy to be loved

Who is Rosie Gabrielle?

Rosie Gabrielle is a Canadian vlogger and motorcyclist. The Canadian youngster is exploring the world alone on her bike. Moving from other countries of the world her journey has brought her to Pakistan. She’s entitled the country as “amazing and safe”. She had quit her job to live her dream of a solo ride. She’s documenting her visit through her social media accounts.


What does she say about Pakistan?

“Everyone told me it was too dangerous to come to Pakistan as a single female, let alone ride a motorbike across the country. Now 1500 kilometers into my tour, I can tell you first-hand what is like to travel Pakistan as a solo female and what I’ve experienced so far”, she said about her journey to Pakistan.


About Pakistan’s hospitality

“Countless smiles and cheers of joy as I pass people and they realize it’s a female riding. Numerous offers to stay in local homes wherever I stop. Families are always inviting me to stay with them. When I stop for chai or snacks at a store, most often someone will buy it for me, or the owner will not let me pay, saying I’m a guest in their country and they would love to gift this to me”, she said.


First ride of Gabrielle

Gabrielle_Rosie vlogger
Canadian youngster is exploring the world alone on her bike and she traveled around many countries.

Gabrielle came across the motorbike ride while she’s on a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia about a decade ago. She also traveled some 12,000 kilometers across Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos on her two-wheeled motorcade. She’s operating a photography business in the Middle East and has extensively traveled over the years. Gabrielle has taken in various adventures from cage diving with crocodiles to paragliding above cape town.

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