‘Capitalism’s Achilles Heel’ – Why is PM Khan suggesting you to read this book?

The book allows the reader to step into Western banks and businesses' shoes and witness how small illicit transactions lead to massive illegalities.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Instagram and recommended all his followers to read the book ‘Capitalism’s Achilles Heel’ authored by Raymond W Baker. The prime minister stated:

It is an eye-opening account of how white-collar criminals, businessmen, and politicians illegally launder their dirty money and how it affects individuals, institutions, and countries.

What is the book Capitalism’s Achilles Heel about?

As the title states, the book is about an economic and political system’s weakness or all those vulnerable points controlled by private owners for profit. The 451-page book takes readers on a fascinating journey through the global free-market system and reveals how dirty money, poverty, and inequality are inextricably intertwined.

The book allows the reader to step into Western banks and businesses’ shoes and witness how small illicit transactions lead to massive illegalities. The author of the book has tried his best to explain how the staggering global income disparities are worsened by the illegalities that permeate international capitalism using personal experiences.

The book’s most exciting aspect is its illustration of how the businesspeople, criminals, and kleptocrats’ minds work. It defines how these people perfect the same techniques to shift funds and how they negatively affect individuals, institutions, and countries.

What benefits can reading this book provide?

Capitalism Achilles Heel is filled with rich information on illegal transaction activities, income disparities, and economic impacts. Reading experiences of the author’s illicit proceed experiences may help an individual counter secret transactions and report ignorance of laws because (for starters) they will be able to identify the existence of both.

As PM Imran Khan rightly states:

Money laundering and corruption are the most significant contributors to the economic crises faced by Pakistan. My government’s foremost priority is to stop the flight of illegally obtained capital from Pakistan to “tax havens” for laundering.

The first step to stopping something is by identifying its existence. The content of the Capitalism Achilles Heel can educate each reader on this matter and help them add value to Imran Khan’s initiative by educating them on corruption and black money.

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  • Unfortunately our media is full of illiterate Lifafa journalists.
    They don’t read books, they just follow the massage in WhatsApp from their Masters & narrate those in TVs & print media.
    They are Hamid Mir, Rauf Klasra, Salem Safi, Asma Shirazi, Ansar Abbasi, Sana Bucha, Gharida, Talat Husain, Shahid Masood, Najam Sethi, Iftikher Ahmed, Nasim Zara…etc..etc..

  • must read for who want to understand how western powers make 3rd world countries their slaves.

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