Captain Safdar’s Arrest – Here Is What Pakistani Twitterati Had To Say About It

Sharif clan is in hot waters post-Panama verdict. This time, Captain (R) Safdar made to the headlines. Ever since morning, the news of his arrest has been engulfing the country like wildfire. The news originated initially from unknown sources that Capt Safdar, who flew from London to Pakistan today, has been arrested by NAB at the very moment he landed at Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad. The news was later confirmed by the credible sources.
However, the news changed from ‘arrested’ to ‘arrested and released’ real quick.

On one hand, we saw Capt Safdar held up in handcuffs, Hassan and Hussain Nawaz are also declared absconders and arrest warrants have been issued for both of them by NAB court.

What one must day, it definitely is an interesting day for Pakistani politics! Of course, it stirred a debate on social media and people had a lot to say about the thunderbolt news they received this morning!

See what people had to say:

Capt Safdar arrested and Maryam Nawaz showing the victory sign?

Or he actually is only being sacrificed for the big political players?

Supporters of PMLN also celebrated the efforts and sacrifices of Capt Safdar that he offered to the prevalence of democracy in the country.

And of course, people enjoyed the entire situation as well and no offense, most of the reactions were absolutely hilarious!

Can this be regarded as a significant step to ensuring accountability on the national level or as most people are saying, it is only a ‘stunt’? What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments bar below.


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