Car prices increased drastically in 2019. Here are the new prices

Here, we will be looking at the hike in car prices of different automakers during the last year.

Ever since the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf came into power, inflation has hit a historic high. The continuous devaluation of Pakistani Rupee against the US dollars has badly impacted the auto sector of the country.

Not just the prices of different automobiles in the market have gone up but the automakers have also seen a massive decline in their sales. Here, we will be looking at the hike in car prices of different automakers during the last year.


One of the country’s biggest auto seller saw its sales decline drastically. However, the launch of 660-cc Auto in mid-2019 saved it from further damage.

Despite the recent gain in the value of rupee, the automaker has not revised the rates of its vehicles. Pak Suzuki has increased the prices of the 660-cc Alto by a massive 19% ever since its launch.

The prices of VXR and VXL variants of Wagon R increased from PKR 1,224,000 and PKR 1,314,000 to 1,540,000 and PKR 1,625,000 respectively during the last 12-months.

Furthermore, the prices of AGS and base versions of Cultus also climbed up by 24%. The Suzuki Swift also witnessed an increase of 22.5% in 2019.

Following is the increase in the prices of other vehicles of the auto giant.

Bolan and Ravi — 23% increase in prices.

CBU units of Ciaz— 14% increase in prices.

Suzuki Jimny— 66.73% increase in prices.



Toyota Indus suffered massively due to its skyrocketing prices. The prices of Toyota Corolla’s 1.3-liter base variant XLi and 1.8-litre Grande CVT SR were increased by PKR 455,000 and PKR 700,000 in 2019.

The massive increase was not just because of the devaluation of rupee but the imposition of 5% Federal Excise Duty (FED) also played its part.

The price of Hilux also went by 18.13%. Similarly, the prices of Revo and Fortuner also witnessed an increase as high as 15.91% and 27.20% in the last twelve months.


The auto giant just as its main competitor, Toyota Indus, struggled with its sales. Reportedly, its sales declined by a staggering 46%.

The different variants of its civic models got a price hike of 24.56% to 26.69%. Similarly, the prices of its civic models were also increased by 22%—24% during thr previous year. The BR-V models witnessed the highest increase in prices among different variants of the Honda Atlas.

The prices were increased by 29%—30%.


AL-HAJ FAW is known for its 1000 cc hatchback and some other light commercial vehicles. The FAW V2 prices were increased from 1,119,000 at the start of the year to 1,574,000 at the end of the year, thus witnessing an increase of 41% in its prices. The other two models, X-PV and Carrier, got a price hike of 34%-35% during 2019.



It was back in 2018 when United Motors decided to enter the car manufacturing market. The company currently has a single vehicle in market, which is the United Bravo. The price of this only vehicle were increased by 15.88% in last 12-months.

United Bravo is now priced at PKR 985,000.


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