Careem Admits That Data Of 14 Million Users Was Leaked

Careem has surely eased lives of the citizens. The cab service fulfils all of its claims. It’s convenient, cost-effective, and accessible but there is one claim that it makes but the new revelations have a story otherwise i.e. safe.
Digitalization has surely made life easier for all of us as the world has truly turned into a global village. However, it has some harrowing drawbacks as well. Recent incidents have raised questions about the credibility of the data present online.
Similarly while signing up for Careem, we also have to enter some personal information like email, phone number, address and upon preference, credit card details as well.

Careem has admitted this Monday that the data of 14 million users was compromised as a result of the data breach this January. They admitted that they noticed unauthorized access to the system where captain’s and customers personal data is stored.
Careem published a blog post addressing the issue and admitting the data was stolen. A part of it read:
“While we have seen no evidence of fraud or misuse related to this incident, it is our responsibility to be open and honest with you, and to reaffirm our commitment to protecting your privacy and data”

Read the blog post HERE.

In the later part of the blog, they specified what measures they are taking to prevent any such event from happening. They said they have improved their overall system, making it more secure and preventive towards breaching. Here is what Careem claims to do to tackle it.

On being asked if credit card information of the customers was stolen, the famed cab company denied it. It said:
“Customers’ credit card information is kept on an external third-party PCP-compliant server. A PCP server uses highly secure protocols and is employed by international banks around the globe to protect financial information.”

The entire situation has again brought the question of security and privacy of information present online to the limelight again.
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