Careem Captain Brutally Beaten Up By Customer For Following The Rules – See The Video HERE

Careem has provided immense convenience to the people, bringing the cab and taxi services to your phone. But just when they are fulfilling their duty with such care and consideration to make the experience as possible, it is a responsibility of each and every one of us, the ones who avail the services to treat these gentlemen with respect and dignity. In the recent past, we have seen a pattern of violence against them wherewith being a target of armed robbers, they have been attacked by taxi drivers as well for ‘killing’ their business.

However, unfortunately, most of us lack these basic ethics and will let their inner insecurities out whenever they will get a chance or are in a favourable situation.
What happened with this Careem driver shows how low our ethics lie. This captain of the cab service, while with dripping blood, shares how he was badly beaten by one of the customers for simply following the Careem rules.
The ride was booked and he reached the location just like any driver would do after getting the order booked. Upon reaching the location, he informed the customer who directed him to travel a little more distance and wait there till he arrives.

As per Careem rules, if a captain has to wait 10 minutes or more, he has the authority to cancel the ride and the customer has to book another one. He did the same. The customer on reaching the location started insisting on taking the ride and lost his temper when told that he is late and now has to book another ride. One of the men who was accompanying the customer started to abuse and disrespected the driver and the next second, they started unleashing on him, brutally beating him and leaving him covered in blood.
Here is what the victim driver had to say about the incident:

It’s our responsibility to contribute towards a better society and to ensure that, we must need to make things easier for each other. It is due on us to make sure that no disrespectful act occurs on our behalf and where we can, we should stop it around us too.

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