Careem charges customer Rs. 76,000 for two rides due to a technical glitch

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A few days ago, Careem customers were charged several thousand in extra for a single ride when a technical error occurred in the system.

The Main reason behind the additional charges is said to be a system malfunctioning that mistakenly charged Pakistani customers in Dirhams, Dollars, and other foreign currencies.

If a customer, for instance, was supposed to be charged PKR 1,500 for a ride, the Careem system charged him/her Dhs. 1,500 – which is around PKR 62,000.

When contacted, Careem confirmed the issue and stated that a technical malfunction was the reason behind the mishap.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. The amount was charged in a different currency due to a configuration error. It has been corrected immediately. Please be assured that reimbursement will be made as per banking procedures. Please feel free to reach out for further clarity.


According to the officials, any excess charges will be reimbursed to customers in due course of time.

Moreover, customers were charged a currency exchange of 3.5%- a fee when a Pakistani card is charged for any international currency.

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  • Careem and Uber is becoming a mafia. They are looting the customers. Govt should take strict action against this Mafia.

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