Careem welcomes first ‘careem baby’ by awarding her with free rides…for lifetime!

turned to the ride hailing service because no ambulance was available in her area.

There are a few things that stay with you forever. Among those heartwarming stories is of this baby, who was born inside a Careem car and will be getting free rides for all of her life!

Captain Iqbal Khan was on his usual duty routine on September 22, 2019, completing his rides target, when he received a booking from a mother-to-be. She turned to the ride hailing service because no ambulance was available in her area.

The woman was accompanied by her husband and mother-in-law. The captain had to pick them from Karachi’s Korangi and drop them in Saddar but she went into labour during the ride and baby Fareeha was welcomed into the world. 


Following the delivery, the captain took the new parents to Sobraj Maternity Hospital, Saddar, where all medical formalities were fulfilled and health checks were done. He safely dropped them off at the mentioned drop-off location, where both baby and the mother were declared safe and healthy.

After completing the ride, the captain informed the Careem officials about how his ordinary ride turned out to be not-so-ordinary. The officials were over-whelmed to hear the story and decided to pay a visit to welcome Fareeha and congratulate the couple themselves.

With the heart-warming courtesy visit, they also took some gifts as a token of love and care. Gladly, both mother and the baby girl are doing absolutely fine now.

MD Careem Pakistan, Zeeshan Hasib Baig said that they are thrilled to welcome Pakistan’s first ‘Careem baby’ in the world. The company is committed to providing safe and secure experience to customers, he added.

“This is one of the first babies born in-ride, makes it a first for Careem in Pakistan. We are thrilled to welcome a Careem baby into the world and the team sends our best wishes to the happy family. We also commend the captain’s support throughout the whole situation, it definitely shows how Careem ensures the reinforcing values among the captains.”

Not just the gifts, Fareeha can enjoy free Careem rides, for the rest of her life!

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  • My prayers with baby and mother and specially with careem captain Mr. Iqbal for his services.

    Allah Blesses to all of them

  • I am also careem rider and captain as well, my opinion is different while as captain,
    Please do not use careem in case of emergency, this is not an embulance service, its good that this driver safely and timely reached the hospital, but if any thing wrong happned to the family or the mother or with baby fareeha, all people would stand against Careem to criticise that their captain did not fill his duty accordingly, careem’s responsibility is not as an embulance service. I also dropped some patients to hospitals, but with very down hearted that, people think that careem will do every thing for thier riders, Plz do not take Careem as of emergency services.

  • These ride companies have certainly made things easier for the people of Pakistan!
    Governments have no infrastructure to cater the massive population but companies like these certainly made things a lot easier for the common citizens

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