CarFirst: Pakistan’s First Car Auction With All Female Staff

While Pakistan keeps making headlines for being one of the worst places for gender equality, few unconventional steps and advancements should be given the praise they deserve.

Speaking of this, CarFirst has taken a massive leap forward by introducing country’s first all-female staff Purchase Center in Lahore. The centre is located in Mini Market, Gulberg, Lahore.

CarFirst is Pakistan’s known and leading used-car online auction and trading platform. This unconventional step is being appreciated and celebrated across the country. The Purchase Center’s operations are fully managed by a female inspection specialist and female purchase manager, Uzma Nawaz. Uzma also happens to be Pakistan’s first ever female car mechanic.

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This initiative not only helps the women to pursue their passions in the sphere, but it also helps to break stereotypes and inspire more women to represent themselves in male-dominated fields.

Uzma herself is an inspirational female figure in the field, who overcame all hurdles and societal constraints to fulfil her dreams. After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, she worked in a workshop – dropping jaws.

Uzma shared that her father doesn’t encourage the idea of female working in workshops, but Uzma is living her dream and is prepared to face any challenge for it.

“I took it up as a challenge against all odds and the meagre financial resources of my family. When they see me doing this type of work they are really surprised.” – said Uzma speaking to AFP.

The customers expressed their ‘shock’ looking at her, saying it was indeed surprising to see a woman working in a workshop.

“I was shocked to see a young girl lifting heavy spare tyres and then putting them back on vehicles after repairs” – a customer said, amazed and shocked by her courage. 

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