[WATCH] What cars made the list of ‘the 5 hottest selling cars in 2020’?

When the sales data was analyzed, it was revealed that all the top five selling cars in Pakistan belonged to either Suzuki, Toyota, or Honda, with one exception.

The automakers Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki sold the most vehicles in 2020.

In 2020, the established Japanese carmakers had the most significant market share of the Pakistan auto industry, despite the Auto Development Policy 2016-21 coming to an end soon.

When the sales data was analyzed, it was revealed that all the top five selling cars in Pakistan belonged to either Suzuki, Toyota, or Honda, with one exception.


Number 5

This spot was claimed by three cars. The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) revealed that Honda sold 21,910 sedans in 2020.

According to Ahmed Lakhani, a senior research analyst at JS Global, the numbers of both the Civic and City were roughly similar, meaning that approximately 11,000 units of both cars were sold last year. 

The analyst further reported: 

Kia might also have sold a similar number of its crossover SUV Sportage. The exact number of sales is unknown as the new entrant doesn’t report its car sales data to the PAMA.

Number 4

Suzuki’s 1,000cc hatchback Cultus made it to No. 4, with 13,215 units sold in 2020. However, Lakhani stated that its sales may now decline with the launch of Changan Alsvin, the cheapest sedan in the country.

Number 3

Even though the sedan was launched in March during the lockdown, third place is occupied by the Toyota Yaris. The vehicle came with 1,300cc and 1,500cc engine sizes and replaced Corolla 1.3 GLI and XLI. 14,172 units of the Yaris were sold last year.

Number 2

The Toyota Corolla held this spot with 18,825 units sold last year. According to Lakhani, this may be the last time it secured Number 2 as its 1.3 GLI and XLI variants have been rebranded as Yaris, and the Corolla has been rebranded as 1800cc Corolla X.


Number 1

The best-selling car of 2020, with 23,479 units sold during the year, was Suzuki’s 660cc Alto. According to Taha Madani, a research analyst at BMA Capital, it is an entry-level car. Talking about the vehicle, he said:

For instance, when a banker is entitled to a car after promotion for the first time, the bank gives them an Alto because it is technically the cheapest car in the country. There are others like Prince Pearl or United Bravo, which are selling low-cost cars, but they don’t share their data, and I think they wouldn’t even be selling 5% of Alto. Suzuki introduced the 660cc Alto in place of the 800cc Mehran.

Why is Suzuki famous?

Experts believe that Suzuki cars are famous for their resale and cheap and readily available spare parts. The company is known to offer the lowest-cost cars among established brands in Pakistan. Talking about the Suzuki Mehran, Shakaib Khan, a car enthusiast who runs car repair firm SKMS, said:

The Mehran was actually the second-generation Alto introduced in Pakistan in 1989. Pakistan may be the only country where the same model of different generations are sold at the same time.   

What happened in the auto industry in the year 2020?

A Recap – Auto Industry in the year 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Pakistan’s auto industry struggled to maintain its sales. The number of cars sold in the country dropped to an 11-year low but picked up in the second half of the year.

According to the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association’s data, 124,000 cars were sold in 2020. When compared, the sales were 34% lower than the previous year.

It should be noted that the last time the industry sold cars below this level was in 2009. During the Great Recession, 107,800 cars were sold, which made many countries struggle financially.

The highest number of car sales were recorded in 2018 when 255,000 vehicles were sold across Pakistan.

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