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Indians infuriated as Jeremy McLellan ‘cancels’ trip following BJP victory

  Unexpectedly, expectedly - BJP has secured victory with a heavy margin. Modi's war hysteria and Pulwama episode have synced…

2 days ago

Talal Chaudhary’s sexist remark about Firdous Ashiq Awan irks people

  Sexist remarks, misogynist comments and personal attacks are not an unknown sight in Pakistani politics. Unfortunately, we still fail…

4 days ago

Justice for Farishta Mohmand: Another minor raped, killed in the capital

  Another day, another tragedy. Even in the month of Ramazan, the monsters and devils are free, running over our…

5 days ago

Economist Atif Mian proposes solution for ongoing economic crisis

  Legendary Pakistani-American economist explained the country's persistent economic crisis. He explored why Pakistan sought out its largest bailout package…

5 days ago

Media ethics and Pakistan | People condemn reporter’s insensitivity towards Kaira

  Yesterday was a tragic day for senior Pakistan People's Party (PPP) leader Qamar Zaman Kaira as he had to…

1 week ago

Javed Latif comparing Maryam Nawaz with Fatima Jinnah irks social media community

  Maryam Nawaz and co have met criticism in the past for plagiarizing their slogans from Pakistan People's Party (PPP)…

2 weeks ago

Aspiring doctor from Aga Khan University caught filming female students in bathroom

A former student from one of the country's most reputed medical institutions Aga Khan University has been caught filming female…

2 weeks ago

DC Islamabad responds to Mosharraf Zaidi on his tweet regarding Ramazan price list

As Ramazan is ongoing and the price hike has been a concern, DC Islamabad shared rate list to aware people…

2 weeks ago

‘No hard feelings for anyone’ – Aasia Bibi bids final farewell to Pakistan

  The turmoil is finally over, as Aasia Bibi left the country yesterday. After almost a decade of suffering and…

2 weeks ago

Nasir Khan Jan being bullied at a morning show irks social media community

Nasir Khan Jan was subjected to verbal abuse by the anchors, which viewers found uncomfortable.

3 weeks ago