CDA has about 4000 ghost employees withdrawing salaries every month – report

The report revealed that CDA's ghost employees also pay monthly bribes to the supervisors.

According to a report, 4000 ghost employees are being paid by the Capital Development Authority (CDA). The shocking exposition further revealed that every ghost employee pays 10,000 rupees monthly to the supervisor as a bribe to keep the corruption undercover. Those who are included in benefiting from this amount are primarily gardeners, sweepers and security guards.

From officers of the department to supervisors, everyone gets their share in the bribe amount. Majority of the ghost employees are paid on the muster roll. By this systematic corruption, officers and subordinate staff of environment directorate grab over Rs 40 million as bribe per month.

As reported by a local media source, more than 3,500 employees of environment division and over 600 employees of park division are benefitting from this corruption, working systematically with officers in the department, and are receiving the monthly salaries sitting in their homes.

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The said source further revealed that officers from the environment division are discharging duties in park division due to the shortage of staff. Officers and subordinate staffers of the department have gotten an exemption from the biometric system for field staff and are receiving a heavy amount as a bribe in return of these exemptions.

” The subordinate staffers of park division working in G-7 since last 12 years stand at 8 to 12 employees while about 40 employees are receiving salaries per month in this sector. A major chunk of this money finds a way to the pockets of senior officers.

When contacted, supervisor Riaz said that it was wrong information that his subordinate staffers do not work and he was receiving any share of their salaries from them as a bribe.” – reported The Nation. 

When approached, the supervisor, however, refused to give the number of staff members working in this organized corruption network.

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