CDA to replace conventional traffic signals with the smart signal system soon

Bids for the execution of work have been opened.

Replacement of conventional traffic signals with the smart signal system at Kashmir Highway will soon begin! Bids for the execution of work have been opened already.

In the beginning, traffic signals from G-7 to G-11 Kashmir Highway, including Kashmir Highway junction at 7th Avenue, G-9, G-10, H-11, and G-11 will be replaced with a smart system. The improvised system will ensure smooth and automated traffic control on the highway.

The signals have optical sensors that will change the timings of green and red lights on the basis of traffic volume on each side.

They will visually process the number of vehicles, then the timing will be automatically adjusted. This will cut down the need for physical intervention to control traffic and will help thousands of commuters using the highway.

Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) efforts to ensure smooth traffic flow on the roads has taken a number of steps, which include up-gradation and expansion of roads infrastructure, and technology-based initiatives have also been introduced.

The substitution of conventional traffic signals with the smart system is a continuation of the steps leading to automation.

After fulfilling codal formalities, the authorities, at the end of the last month issued tenders of the project. In this connection, bids were received that opened during the previous week. The project will cost a total of Rs. 2.48 million and it will be completed in one month.

Kashmir Highway will be the first one where the new system will be installed. But with the passage of time, all major avenues will have a smart signal system after the codal formalities in this regard will be completed. It will take one month for the first phase to be completed.

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  • We need cameras on traffic lights and really huge fine like 20000RS for breaking any traffic law phir ya awam thek ho g

    • I think you have seen that south indian film in which the main character becomes Chief Minister and put into the traffic rules of these type of fines… We need a solid plan to be used to aware peoples who aren’t familiar with the basic rules and regulations. Smart traffic light is a great step towards one of the traffic issues best solution… Well done #PMIK.

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