Celebrating Electoral Diversity – 25 Transgenders Hired As Electoral Observers

Elections 2018 have been one of the most revolutionary in Pakistan’s history. With public being more aware of their rights and combined power, it has been groundbreaking in abolishing the gender biases that exist in state institutions and our society in general.

Being called an example for developed countries to follow in the sphere of transgender rights on international media, Pakistan has proudly taken unconventional steps to finally adjust them in the existing societal structure after decades of denial.

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Taking spaces as newscasters, cooks, drivers, and salespersons, the resilient transgender community will definitely be a determining segment of the upcoming elections.
For the first time, 13 transgender individuals are all set to contest in upcoming elections – presenting the most brilliant picture of electoral diversity.

To celebrate this long-stigmatized segment of society as an equal individual, FAFEN (Free and Fair Election Network) has appointed 25 transgenders as election observes for the first time.

They were appointed at a FAFEN-organized training session ‘Capacity Building Workshop on Election Day Observations’ held in collaboration with GIA (Gender Interactive Alliance) as an initiative to promote equal rights and societal acceptance.

As election observers, they will be responsible for regulating the process and preventing any violation of rules and discrimination against any segment of society in the upcoming polls. Any unusual activity noticed by them will be reported immediately to presiding officers, while survey forms will be filled by electoral observers to report any such incident.

A project manager at FAFEN, Zahid Abdullah, says that the transgender indivisuals are included to monitor and enhance the ‘capacity of citizens’.

“We think the transgender community deserves more opportunity and this training aims to support them. The 25 transgender persons appointed as electoral observers from Karachi are part of our experimental project to highlight the experiences of transgender persons in the upcoming elections’’ – he said speaking to a local news source.

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