Celebrating Her African Ethnic Origin, Tanzeela Qambrani Feels Like Pakistan’s Nelson Mandela Today

With all that you have to disagree with General Elections 2018, one can’t simply neglect the beautiful progressive elements associated with it.
With her glistening dark skin, a wide triumphant smile on her face and her dress weaved with traces of her ethnic African origin and Pakistani identity – Tanzeela Qambrani made her revolutionary appearance as Member of Provincial Assembly (Sindh) today.

Nominated by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on women reserved seats, Tanzeela is the first individual from the Sheedi community to grace any provincial legislature.

Tanzeela says that just like Columbus discovered America, Bilawal Bhutto discovered the existence of Sheedi community in Pakistan (source: BBC)

Being a woman of African descent, Tanzeela says she has an emotional affiliation with the great revolutionist Nelson Mandela. However being the first individual from an African origin to be the part of the legislature in Pakistan, she herself felt like Mandela.

‘’Arriving at the oath-taking ceremony I was overwhelmed by emotions. I thought I am Nelson Mandela’’ – She said.

She said while coming down from the stairs after taking the oath, she wants to kiss the ground – the same ground that had gifted her this respect.

‘’As I descended the stairs of the Sindh Assembly, I felt like kissing the ground, the very ground that has blessed me with so much respect, love and acceptance’’ – she said while talking to a local news outlet.

Tanzeela said that with the pride, she feels like she has a lot of responsibility on her shoulder to speak for the women and stand for the people of her community. She said she wants to work for women empowerment, improvement of education and excess of clean water.

She said that when she says that PPP offers earth and sky to its workers and is the only party to offer representation to minorities.


Tanzeela, who herself is a Computer Science Graduate and is child of a lawyer father and teacher mother, shows great determination to improve education and making It accessible to those who can’t afford it.

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