5 International Celebrities who quit showbiz for ordinary jobs [LIST]

Today we bring you a list of international celebrities that inspired many by starting over in a different profession. I

Often it isn’t surprising when a celebrity quits showbiz after a while because a career in the entertainment industry depends on temporary factors – looks and physical strength. Thousands of actors, actresses, models, and more enjoy the limelight for a while but then choose a different path to live a simple life, away from the spotlight.

Today we bring you a list of international celebrities that inspired many by starting over in a different profession. It must have been hard for these famous personalities to bid farewell to the life of glamor, but it is interesting to see that their spirits still soar high and that they have done well for themselves. 

Here are 5 celebrities that quit showbiz for regular jobs and found happiness:

1. Jao Mapa

Jao Mapa started his career as a Filipino actor who became a teen heartthrob in no time. However, soon he realized that he was more interested in arts. His Fine Arts Degree from the University of Sto. Tomas in the early 2000s helped him garner enough skills to become an art teacher at the Canadian American School in Makati City.

2. Steve Dailisan

Being a reporter of the ’24 Oras’ at the GMA didn’t satisfy Steve Dailisan much. So in February 2018, the young man left the TV reporter job to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. His passion led him to his license to fly solo in October 2018.

3. Jewel Mische

The former actress left the life of glamor and spotlight in the Philippines after marrying Alister Kurzer. According to sources, Jewel Mische had found a much more meaningful life when she embraced life as a first-time mom to Baby Girl Aislah Rose.

4. AJ Dee

AJ Dee, the former hunky actor, decided to jump into a different career when he moved to Norway to be with his wife Olga and two sons, Maximus and Alexandros. The once-famous actor is now a famous blogger based in the Scandinavian country, doing his best to raise his family well.

5. Beth Tamayo

Teleserye actress Beth Tamayo left her celebrity career in December 2008 to live a simpler life in the United States. While talking to a media outlet, the woman expressed that she now enjoys working as an office admin staff and part-time babysitter.

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