SHOCKING: Do you know ‘chainsaws’ were originally invented for childbirth?

SHOCKING: Do you know chainsaws were originally invented for childbirth?

Are you a fan of the horror genre? Well, allow us to skip the fantasy and phony of the movies and introduce you to a horrifying fact that is going to keep you up for days:

Chainsaws, as in the things we use to hack down trees with now, were originally invented as a tool to help with childbirth.

How did this horrific reality come into being?

During the 18th century, caesareans were not very common because the mortality rates due to infection were ridiculously high. Therefore, there was only one way for a kid to come out.

However, the procedure got complex if the baby was too big, coming out breech, or got stuck for any other reason. In this case, the standard practice known as ‘symphysiotomy’ was to use a small knife to cut the pelvis in half to create more room for the child to come out. At this time, anesthesia hadn’t been invented, which made childbirth way more agonizing.

Thus, in the 1780s, two Scottish doctors named John Aitken, and James Jeffray started exploring ways to make difficult childbirths easier.

The two doctors came up with a small, hand-cranked tool to cut through the pelvis’s bone and cartilage way quicker than a guy standing there with a knife. Following is the picture of the device (small chainsaw):

How did the use of chainsaws go from terrible to handy?

The tool soon got recognized as a better option than the knife and was commonly used for another 100 years before the doctors worked out a safer way to perform a c-section.

Soon after, the small chainsaw started disappearing from hospitals and reappearing in other places of business. People worked out that it was shockingly good at cutting through wood. Eventually, the chainsaw’s image was rebranded, and it became a woodworking tool.

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  • There should have been a warning saying. Using of chainsaw for childbirth is illegal in 2020.

  • مضبون انگریزی میں ہے جبکہ اسٹیٹس میں اردو میں لکھا ہے
    براۓ مہربانی اگر مضبون انگریزی میں ہے تو اسٹیٹس میں بھی انگریزی میں لکھا کریں تاکہ وہی بندہ تفصیلی خبر پڑھے جو انگریزی جانتا ہو ۔یوں فضول میں پیج کھولنے سے بچ جاۓ

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