Chairman NAB scandal: FIR registered against Tayabba Gull and Farooq Nool

Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal, as previously expected, has been targeted and character assassinated as his controversial leaked call that surfaced on social media. In a phone call, he can be allegedly heard ‘illicitly’ conversating with a woman.

Two clips made rounds on social media. The clips were originally released by local tv channel News One. One was a phone communication between Chairman NAB and a woman, identified as Tayyaba Gul, where he can be heard making sexual in nature advances towards her. He also agreed sitting inside National Accountability Bureau while the exchange of dialogues took place.

In the other clip, which has been recorded secretly, allegedly the same woman is seen in his office, involved in quite a casual conversation with him. The lady accused that she was entangled in a NAB case after she refused to comply by his instructions.

The videos have drawn an ire as while some view it as a politically motivated malicious character assassination campaign against Chairman NAB, has also raised questioning on the transparency of the processes and the cases.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has, however, denied the allegations and have called them baseless. In the official press release, NAB says that it all part of a malicious campaign against Chairman NAB.

Farooq Nool and his wife are involved in 39 other cases and are using the blackmailing tactics to taint the NAB procedures and give off an impression of them being motivated by personal preferences and vendetta.

The press release added that despite blackmailing and pressure, NAB has not only apprehended two members of this blackmailing gang but also approved references against them. The press release concluded that the channel that aired the clips has apologised. However, no indication was made towards taking the legal route against News One.


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