Chairman NADRA Applies For ID Card Like A Common Man To Know Problems They Face – See What Happens

NADRA, being one of the most important institutions of Pakistan, has always held the utmost spotlight. However, unfortunately, this department couldn’t save itself from the evils of corruption, incompetence, nepotism and bribery.


Just like other state institutions, the ones with influence got their work done within a matter of seconds but a common man struggled. But, if you have the competent, determined and vigilant leadership almost all of the challenges can be overcome. Chairman NADRA Mr Usman Y. Mubin is one of those whom we can call as hope in these dark times. Usman has been reappointed as the Chairman in the first week of February and has already started influencing with his unmatched calibre and leadership skills.

Pictures of Chairman Usman Mubin went viral on Social Media where he was visiting NADRA centres as a common man to test the staff and get a better insight of the entire situation. After visiting different centres, Usman was able to detect the loopholes and fired one female and suspended two male members.

The extreme step was taken after receiving thousands of complaints from people who say that the staff either is very unprofessional and uncooperative or directly asks for a bribe to get the work done. On that, he himself applied for national identity card through proper channel to see the truth in the complaints. Mubin, like other common people, was dealt with utmost unprofessionalism and obstructive behaviour of the staff. In Liaquatabad, Usman Mubin got to know that a lady officer denied CNIC of a man because he came from Larkana and should get his card from Larkana only.

Usman clarified that any Pakistani can get their CNIC made from anywhere in the country. The attitude and strategy are definitely not what we commonly see in the government sector and we have all the reasons to be proud and thankful for having a few people like him.

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