Zulfi Bukhari’s Appointment as PTDC Chairman challenged in Islamabad High Court

Friendship between Zulfi Bukhari and the Prime Minister of Pakistan: An open secret

The Islamabad High Court (IHC), in response to a petition filed against the appointment of Zulfi Bukhari as chairman Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) on Tuesday, sought reply from the Federal Government.

A pretention was also signed by PTDC employees against the formation National Tourism Coordination Board and the case was taken up by Justice Aamir Farooq from Islamabad High Court on Tuesday.

Notice Issued Against MD PTDC Appointment:

The court issued a notice against the MD PTDC appointment. The court further issued notices to all related parties and has sought a reply from the Federal Government. The concerning parties were given two weeks to bring forward their response.

National Tourism Coordination Board (NTCB):

The issue raised in the petition was that under which law national tourism board was formed. Justice Aamir Farooq also raised this point as after the devolution of tourism to provinces, the formation of the NTCB was unconstitutional.

IHC Justice Aamir Farooq scheduled regular hearings and gave notices to the secretaries of the Cabinet, Mr. Bukhari, and the PTDC’s managing director.

An Open Secret:

It was pointed out during the hearing that friendship between Zulfi Bukhari and the Prime Minister of Pakistan is well known. Zulfi Bukhari is less than 40 and holds several influential positions in the Federal Government.

The petition argues that due to his friendship with Mr. Khan, he was first appointed as Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development and then Chairman NTCB Board. He has also been appointed as Chairman of the PTDC Board.

The petition claims that only a member of the board of directors can be appointed chairman and that no one can directly be appointed. Mr. Bukhari has never been selected as a member of the PTDC’s board of directors; hence his claim is invalid.

The petition further claims that Pakistan has tremendous tourism potential, but the PTDC is currently running into losses.

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