Being The Change In KP Police – Meet Brilliant KP Police Officer SP Ali Akbar

Whether someone agrees to the claims of change in  KPK and overall structural improvements or not, one can’t deny that there’s one sphere where they have worked incredibly well and produced obvious results i.e police.
Needless to say, a police department has to be equipped with modern training and knowledge to overcome the challenges that they face during their duty, which definitely the department previously lacked. It is said that certainty of punishment serves better than the severity of the punishment, which perfectly explains the principle of things.

SP Ali Akbar expressed similar views in his exclusive interview with’s team as well. Akbar showed great relief on the level of satisfaction that exists among the general public and the positive sentiments they have towards the change.

He shared their methodology to bringing such effective change, saying it was imperative to recognize that change had to be implemented from top to bottom level. And this organizational change was impossible unless capacity building strategies were adopted to raise the personnel’s moral and caliber to actually be able to absorb the innovation.
To ensure that, certain schools were established, for example, the School of Public Disorder and Riot Management, that specially trained the policemen in mob management. The training induced skills that will help them tackle situations effectively particularly when we have witnessed an unfortunate pattern of mob culture in the past.

SP Ali Akbar further told that one major thing that has been a significant determinant in producing effective results is that the barriers to communication between the top level hierarchy and bottom level workforce have been eradicated. Due to this direct flow of information, it is easier for them to decipher the orders exactly.
Here is what he had to say about the successful change strategies implemented in KPK police:

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