#ChangeTheClap: Pakistan Delighted To See First Transgender News Caster On Screen – Read Details Here

Things have started to finally change and above all the existence has started to make sense for Pakistan’s transgender community as the entire nation is on the same page in this regard.
Pakistan has raised its voice for the protection and equal societal rights for the third gender who have remained vulnerable in the social structure, education department, jobs sphere and just stripping them off from the basic right of survival.

So, to everyone who has prayed, wished and worked for the change, Saturday came as a delight when the news of Pakistan’s first transgender newscaster appearing on the screen hit social media. Shiraz Hassan, a  known journalist affiliated with BBC news, shared the image of Maavia Malik with the caption ‘’Pakistan’s first transgender newscaster on screen now’’.

With social media previously engaged in the cause, Senate of Pakistan also approved the bill to protect them and finally giving them the power to claim their own identity. After years of struggle, the authority has finally given them an identity that they can openly and proudly claim after longing for societal approval since centuries.
Giving them an access to better opportunities, along with giving them a better living status, will also help them to contribute positively for a better Pakistan as their potential previously has been unuseful due to the gender barrier that prevented them from entering in the system.

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The news got a positive response and people were more than pleased to be a witness of a changing – changing for the better – Pakistan. Here is what people had to say:



Though we still have a long way to go till we achieve social equality and an accepting community, this definitely inspires a lot of hope that slowly and gradually, but we will get there. Be sure to play your part in the process.



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