#ChangeTheClap: Transgender Rights Awareness Video Goes Viral, People Show Their Support – Watch It Here

Gender equality and provision of human rights regardless of sexuality is one of the sectors where Pakistan lags behind. Where in a patriarchal structure, women are viewed as fragile and submissive, there is also a third gender that has yet failed to get itself recognized.

This can be well reflected by the grave reality that most of the school admission forms have only two boxes to tick (male and female). The education system that is the torch bearer for a blinded nation and should be designed to turn a human into a resourceful segment of the society without any gender barriers excludes them right from there.
It’s not just the education system, the entire society has deafened its ears to the cries of the forgotten gender – or as we call it, Transgender.

Life of a trans in Pakistan is tough in all the connotations. We have driven them back associating a certain role with them, unfortunately leaving them no choice but to carry it on to bring food to the table. From roads to educational institutes, the way people treat them shows how we have completely forgotten that they are human beings and we are answerable for how we treat them as well.
Among the circumstances that we, on a societal level, put them through tried to dim their twinkle, few strong individuals have shown that they are no less than their male or female counterparts.

We can no longer close our eyes and stay in denial about their existence – and this is exactly what this awareness campaign is all about.
The hashtag #ChangeTheClap caused an outrage on social media after the awareness video was shared by Asia Pacific Transgender Network.
The brief yet powerful video highlights the treatment of society towards the third gender and how we need to change the ‘ridicule’ into ‘applause’.

Watch the video here:

Needless to say, the well thought and well put together video spoke to people and they showed their immense support for the campaign. Here is what they are saying:


People supporting this shows that its about time that we exhaust the shameful behavior pattern we have adopted towards them and challenge that. Of course, the change will not happen unless the social media statements change into a permanent behavior change. And we together can make that possible.

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