Changing For The Good : KPK Police Extends Outreach To A Common Man – Watch The Video Here

Since the past many years, Pakistani citizens have had complaints regarding the functioning and attitude of the police department. Apart from it being highly inefficient, the general public had to also bear the unwelcoming and in most cases, disrespectful attitude of the officials. It acted as a major hurdle between public and police, and to save themselves from facing all this, people started avoiding visiting the police stations ultimately leading to an unreported rise of crimes. But, with many innovative strategies being implemented, the KPK police has completely eradicated this barrier.

Amalgamating modern technology with efficiency and improved working, KPK police have been able to deliver the results that we have long waited to see.
Not just the verbal claims, team itself visited the province to test the actual truth behind these assertions and undoubtedly were pleasantly surprised. Not just the public showed the highest satisfaction with the police department, they also should content on the changed attitude towards them. It was obvious that the relationship of trust that was previously missing.

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The team visited KPK Police Public Access Center and got the experience of physically seeing all the working. See it for yourself:

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