Is the start of a charity organization a new start for controversial model Ayyan Ali?

The organization will be working to uplift women and children.


Popular Model Ayyan Ali recently made her comeback in the industry with her music album ‘’Nothing like Everything’’. She now strives to make the world a better place as she has announced to donate half of the annual profits generated from her album sales to uplift children and women.

“I decided that from now on whatever profit I will be receiving annually from the royalties of my Debut Album “Nothing Like Everything” & any other projects that I will do I am going to donate 50 percent profit to my Be My Friend Foundation,” Ayyan wrote on her social media platform.

In an Instagram post, she announced the successful launch of the UK-registered charitable organization, named ‘’Be My Friend Foundation’’.

Speaking more about this new start, Ayyan wrote: “Friends, I believe everything that happens in your life leads you towards betterment. It is an honor for me to share with you guys something that I was always doing but now on a much larger scale.”

Ayyan said that through her organization, she aims to help women and children in need by providing them with education, medical facilities, food, shelter, and legal help. She added that the organization will not only be working in ‘her beloved home Pakistan’ but all across the world as well.

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  • All people open NGO to get Tax free money plus free travel etc from foreign government fund money. Good way not to pay tax and keep ur money to ur own charity thus no tax to pay.

    Most of students who come overseas are trying to register NGO so they can apply for foreign fundings.

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