[GUIDE] 5 things to check before buying used smartphones in Pakistan

Many people also get duped into buying phones with missing or damaged parts.

Used smartphones are a great way to get the phone you want at a considerably lower price. With high tax rates that new smartphones come within Pakistan, the used phones market has been growing.

There are many ways you can get tricked into buying a smuggled or non-registered phone in Pakistan. With the PTA’s new rules, every active phone with a working SIM card must be registered with the regulatory authority.

Many people also get duped into buying phones with missing or damaged parts simply because they were hasty or did not thoroughly check the device before.

Here is a list of things to check before purchasing used smartphones:

IMEI Registration

PTA registration is necessary if you want your SIM card to work on your phone. The device would otherwise function normally, but any cellular activity would be blocked unless the device’s IMEI number is registered with the regulatory authority. Moreover, listing a new phone could cost you more than you paid for the device in the first place.

You can check this by simply sending the device’s IMEI number as a text message to ‘8484’.  After some time, you will receive a message on your phone that will tell you whether it is registered with the PTA or not.

Operating ports, speakers, and camera

Before purchasing the smartphone, you must make sure that all the essentials of a device are working. Headphones and charging ports can often become loose and do not function properly. If the device has faults, it can cost a considerable amount of money to replace good quality parts.

When examining cameras, check every mode on the camera app, including portrait, night, etc. Similarly, check both front and back cameras and try zooming in with both of them.

Screen and Touch Sensitivity

A damaged or broken screen can be extremely annoying to use and very expensive to repair. That is why you are required to check whether the phone you are about to purchase has an original display panel.

To check whether the screen is good and functions properly, you can open a white, blank screen. If the colors are warm and have a yellow hue in them, then the screen is original. If the white has blue undertones or it is bright white, then the screen might have been replaced or repaired in the past.

Various applications can be downloaded to test the touch sensitivity of your phone. Here are some of the apps that you can find on the Play Store or the App Store 

  • Touchscreen Test (Play Store)
  • Multi-touch Tester (Play Store)
  • Digitizer (App Store)
  • LCD (App Store)

Performance and Battery

used smartphones

The performance of a phone can be measured by downloading apps like CPU-Z on both iOS and Android. These can help you test the specifications given on the box or by the seller. 

Batteries of a smartphone can also be difficult and pricey to replace. If you are buying a device that has a removable battery, take it out and check for any swelling and water damage. Don’t buy a battery that is not completely smooth on both sides.

If the phone does not have a detachable battery, try downloading a battery health application and then check the actual capacity left on the device.

Physical Appearance and Casing

used smartphones

After checking the essentials, also check the physical appearance and casing of the device.

  1. Monitor whether the phone has any physical defects.
  2. Scan the device for any dents, cracks, or scratches.
  3. Check if the color is wearing out from any of the corners.

These things may not be essential to a phone’s workings, but they always contribute towards the price of a used phone.

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