Chief Justice Saqib Nisar Protests: Refuses To Take His Salary Unless PWD Employees Are Paid

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, being hailed as a hero already due to his bold decisions – nothing we have ever seen before (fortunately and unfortunately), has refused accepting his pay.  He has discountenanced receiving his salary as a protest against nonpayment of salaries of PWD employees.

Last year in July 1200 employees of Pakistan Public Works Department staged a protest against non-payment of salaries since the previous two months. However, they have still not received their pay.
CJP remarked that the dues have still not been cleared despite the assurances from the finance security.
“Where is the finance secretary? The employees have still not been paid despite his assurances” – he said (source: Dunya News).
He further added: “Do not pay me my salary unless and until these employees have been paid their dues’’

Source: TNN

He expressed deep resentment over the matter, saying that it is unfortunate and concerning how employees of the state are denied their right to salaries. He added that they also have basic needs to take care of.

“Do not send my salary check to my account rather give it to my employees after paying the employees. They also have a belly with them which needs to be fed’’.

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